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About East Side

On July 12, 1946, a group of men met to discuss the possibility of forming volunteer firefighting associations in various areas surrounding Belleville. The fire protection in unincorporated areas had become too much of a burden for the Belleville Fire Department. The area to be protected by the East Side Volunteer Firefighting Association was the part of St. Clair Township Section 3 not included in Belleville or Fairview Heights. The area included a radius of approximately three miles surrounding the site of the original East Side Fire House located on North Belt East and Route 161.

The Firefighting Association was originally supported by a system of of subscriptions and dues. These funds were used to purchase ground for the fire station and to purchase fire fighting equipment. In 1963, a proposition to convert the association from a dues paying organization to a department supported by taxation was placed on the ballot and was passed by the citizens in the community by a three to one vote.

The Association currently maintains a roster of about 30 volunteers, and is always looking to recruit new members. Our firefighters are trained and certified Firefighter II or higher by the State of Illinois. The training our firefighters receive and the classroom work they're required to complete are administered through Southwestern Illinois College. All this training is at the same level of virtually every fire department, both volunteer and career in the State of Illinois. By continuing training on regular basis, the firefighting skills we train for insure that we can meet the needs of the citizens we serve.

We currently maintain two fire stations. The original fire station at 1723 North Belt East and the second located at 3111 East "B" Street Road. We currently have nine pieces of apparatus including a 2009 Pierce 105' truck company, a 1999 Pierce 75' truck company, a 2003 Pierce engine company, a 1995 Towers engine company, 1976 International engine company, a 2001 E-One quick attack/ brush company, two chief's vehicles, and a utility truck.

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